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Paperclip book keeping services aim to take the hassle and stress out of compiling your business accounts. It will free up your time so that you can concentrate on driving your business forward, effectively.

What do we do?

As book keepers, we will reconcile all your paperwork, remove the heart ache and stress and save you time by providing your accountant with the information they require for preparation of your month/year end accounts.

Legislation dictates that every business keeps accurate and up to date accounts thus book keeping is an essential and necessary task within any business. Regardless of whether you are a sole trader, a limited company, or in partnership, you must keep a comprehensive set of accounts.

Whatever accounting system you are using – a simple Excel spreadsheet or more sophisticated accounting software, we possess the book keeping experience and knowledge to provide the balance you need to control your finances.

You can take advantage of any part of our book keeping services –  use what you need – whatever suits you and your business.

Our experience includes but is not limited to:-

• Sales Ledger
• Purchase Ledger
• Cash/Bank Payments/Receipts
• Nominal Ledger Journals
• Accruals
• Bank Statement Reconciliations
• Prepayment
• Credit Card/Expenses Processing
• VAT Returns
• Credit Control

How do we do it?

Being AAT accredited, Paperclip book keeping services can take the pain out of your daily records by offering our expertise to you.

We thrive on making sense of your figures – your receipts; your invoices and your bills and are able to compile the necessary ledgers to submit to your accountant, whilst you get on with running your business. You will know exactly where you are, financially, at all times and know exactly what you owe and are owed.

Our credit control service can chase your debtors and pay your suppliers while keeping on top of your cash flow.

Taking the stress out of your VAT return
Filing your VAT return every quarter can be a real strain on a small business.

It takes time and you may still not know what you can claim or what is not applicable. We can ensure you are always compliant with the most recent government tax guidelines.

Paperclip book keeping have a dedicated process contacting you when your next return is due, collecting all your paperwork and creating and checking your return. We will also file your return online with HMRC and sorting your payment/refund!!


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