Paperclip Admin

credit control services

It is more important than ever before in the current climate to ensure that your clients are making payments promptly and the money is in your bank account instead of theirs!

Our experienced Credit Control Department work as if they are part of your company and build lasting relationships with your customers. This safeguards not only payment of outstanding invoices, but a continued understanding from your clients of the expectation of payment terms in the future.

As with all the services provided by our team, you can use for as much or as little time as you like. Once the process is set to suit your individual needs, Paperclip Admin will automatically chase outstanding payments as per your instructions, therefore freeing up your time and giving peace of mind about payment collections.


“Paperclip Admin handles our credit control in a totally professional manner, they keep us informed at all times and relate well with our customers. I can recommend Paperclip Admin for all your credit control requirements.”

Adam Glossop, Quad Computer Services, Sheffield, South Yorkshire.